Magnum Pleasure Store – We all scream for Icecream

After very little convincing, I organized a team ice cream break to the Magnum Pleasure Store on Bloor Street. Luckily, they extended their summer stay until August 30th, for stragglers like us who have yet to try the latest ice cream fad. After what I recall to be only a 15 minute wait, I became the kid in the upscale ice cream shop. I confidently chose vanilla bean ice cream dipped in dark chocolate. Then I had the difficult task of choosing the best out of the 21 toppings. I blasted off naming, “rose petals, coconut flakes, sea salt, french macarons, and oh hazelnut”. I was fully aware that the jumbled pick of my favourite toppings in conjunction make no sense whatsoever, but I still dared to go for it. To top it off I went for a white chocolate drizzle. After the pleasure maker concocted my ultimate ice cream bar, I was ecstatic to taste my customization.

I took my first bite into this intimidatingly beautiful ice cream bar. I was surprised by how thick the chocolate shell is. The saltiness from the sea salt against the dark chocolate and hazelnut was simply amazing, although it did overpower the subtlety of rose petals and macarons. I would consider those there just for a fun decorative touch.

$6 for a customized ice cream bar from a cool pop shop that is open only for a limited time in the summer. It’s definitely worth a visit (or two or three) this summer 🙂


Magnum storefront on Bloor Street

magnum icecream bar.jpg

My Magnum dark chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream bar with sea salt, hazelnut, coconut flakes, rose petals, french macarons topped with white chocolate drizzle



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